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About the Company


Inderscience is a global company, a dynamic leading independent journal publisher which has grown to a medium-sized enterprise, large enough to have the capabilities of a major company but small enough to be flexible and responsive to the requirements of its editors, authors and subscribers.


The company disseminates the latest research across the broad fields of science, engineering and technology; management, public and business administration; environment, ecological economics and sustainable development; computing, ICT and internet/web services, and related areas. It grew out of successfully establishing

a cluster of automotive titles,a series of titles which emerged from the ground-breaking International Journal of Technology Management which established the discipline of technology management and launching titles in areas of long-term concern (e.g. energy, environment and sustainable development)


Inderscience offers over 35 years' experience in publishing and has succeeded in building up a substantial collection approaching 400 high-quality peer-reviewed international researchjournals in both online and print formats. We offer a variety of ways you can keep up-to-date with the latest published leading edge research while our online collection represents a fully-searchable digital archive of around 60,000 articles.


International Journal of Nuclear Safety and Security


Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima: for the third time, a nuclear power plant suffered a serious accident, precipitating a global review of the way to govern nuclear safety and security. From these accidents, the international community must learn in order to improve international co-operation, both in terms of crisis management and prevention of risks. IJNSSprovides an invaluable opportunity to exchange information on the implications of safe and secure operation of nuclear power plants and approaches taken by countries worldwide.

International Journal of Vehicle Safety


IJVS provides an authoritative source of information in the field of vehicle safety design, research and development. It serves applied scientists, engineers, policy makers and safety advocates with a platform to develop, promote and coordinate the science, technology and practice of vehicle safety. IJVS seeks to establish channels of communication between industry, academy and government in the field of vehicle safety, and also covers subjects of passive/active safety in road traffic as well as traffic-related public health issues

International Journal of Critical Infrastructures


IJCIS provides a professional and scholarly forum for cross-learning between different scientific and technological disciplines, and between business and economic, as well as between societal and managerial, disciplines in the area of critical infrastructures. Critical infrastructures are networks for the provision of telecommunication and information services, energy services (electrical power, natural gas, oil and heat), water supply, transportation of people and goods, banking and financial services, government services and emergency services.

International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics


IJESDF aims to establish dialogue in an ideal and unique setting for researchers and practitioners to have a knowledge resource, report and publish scholarly articles and engage in debate on various security-related issues, new developments and latest proven methodologies in the field of electronic security and digital forensics. This includes the measures governments must take to protect the security of information on the Internet, the implications of cyber-crime in large corporations and for individuals, vulnerability research, zero day attacks, digital forensic investigation, ethical hacking, anti-forensics, identity fraud, phishing, pharming, relevant case studies, and "best practice" for tackling cyber crime.

International Journal of Emergency Management


In today's increasing globalised and connected world with rapidly advancing technologies and changing weather patterns, critical infrastructures and social structures are threatened by natural and manmade disasters. Planning for future possible emergencies is essential; their assessment and management equally so. IJEM provides a refereed international forum bringing the latest research to bear on the issues involved, with a focus on contingencies and emergencies as well as crisis and disaster management and planning.


International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation


The field of human factors focuses on the human, the interaction of humans and machines and humans and computers, whether people serve as operators, maintainers or users in the system. The field advocates systematic use of such knowledge to achieve compatibility in the design of interactive systems of people, machines and environments to ensure their effectiveness, safety and ease of performance. IJHFMS highlights development and use of computer simulations and computational algorithms to advance knowledge and understanding of the field.






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